What You May Be Missing by Not Monitoring Your MDM Hub

Organizations spend millions of dollars to implement their MDM solution. They may have different approaches (batch vs. real time; integrated customer view vs. integrated supplier view etc.) – but in general they all expect to get a “one version of the truth” view by integrating different data sources and then

Weed Out Bad Data: The Importance of Data Quality

Data growth remains one of the biggest challenges within the IT industry. Consistently ranked by IT professionals as one of the top three issues that loom above their heads, the sheer volume of data that accumulates within a single company offers unprecedented challenges. Data is no longer a digital by-product
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Reference Data Management Implementation: Four Key Considerations You May Be Overlooking

In recent years reference data management (RDM) has slowly crept into the forefront of business decision-makers’ consciousnesses, making its way steadily upwards in priority within corporate goals and initiatives. Organizations are suddenly seeing the benefits of investing in RDM, attention grabbed by potential paybacks like smoother interoperability among various functions