How to integrate Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) with Informatica MDM

Overview Data cleansing and standardization is an important aspect of any Master Data Management (MDM) project. Informatica MDM Multi-Domain Edition (MDE) provides reasonable number of cleanse functions out-of-the-box. However, there are requirements when the OOTB cleanse functions are not enough and there is a need for comprehensive functions to achieve

Interpreting your data graphically

Introduction Apart from the better understanding on data, we need to pay more attention towards the basic statistics as it is the key concept of driving the data to develop interactive visualizations and convert tables into pictures. The rapid rise of visualization tools such as Spotfire, Tableau, Qlikview and Zoomdata,

Data Warehouse Migration to Amazon Redshift – Part 2

This blog post is the second part of the Data Warehouse Migration to AR series. The first part of the blog post series Data Warehouse Migration to Amazon Redshift – Part 1 details on how Amazon Redshift can make a significant impact in lowering the cost and operational overheads of

Thrive on IBM MDM CE

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition provides a highly scalable, enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) solution that creates a golden copy of products and becomes trusted system of record for all product related information. Performance is critical for any successful MDM solution which involves complex design and architecture. Performance