8 Must-Follow Master Data Management (MDM) People on Twitter

There are lots of excellent lists out there for who to follow on the subjects of customer experience, Big Data, and social media technology – but what about Master Data Management? Finding a bit of a dearth of resources for MDM Twitter influencers, I decided to put together a little list of my own on the people I personally find are great for MDM content in the Twittersphere.


1. Prashanta Chandramohan aka Prash Chan (@MDMgeek)

The author of an excellent blog with high-quality and thoughtful articles about MDM, Chandramohan produces a steady stream of great content and frequently participates in Twittersphere discussions around MDM. He’s an IBMer so occasionally his Tweets take an IBM slant, but he’s a techie first and foremost and you’ve little to fear if your goal is to avoid marketing messages in your feed.


2. Henrik L. Sørensen (@hlsdk)

Sørensen runs a blog on data quality and MDM that he regularily updates with his commentary and insights, generally in the form of short, easily-digestible posts that concisely bring up an interesting point or a new perspective. He’s also excellent at reposting other MDM related blog posts that he reads, and has a great eye for pointing out the ones worth paying attention to.


3. Aaron Zornes (@azornes)

Zornes is an institution in his own right in the MDM world; the odds are that you already know his name if you’re at all involved in the industry. As the driving force behind The MDM Institute and the Data Governance Summit events worldwide, he’s a familiar face and a sharp mind when it comes to all things MDM. Follow him to tap into his insights from events, surveys, research and other resources.


4. Sunil Soares (@SunilSoares1)

With four highly respected books about information management to his name, Soares engages in the MDM conversation with a level of authority that is emphasized by his willingness to get to the point with technical language in lieu of business-speak. His contribution is always practical and his company, Information Asset, frequently puts out useful research on data governance.


5. Jim Harris (@ocdqblog)

As his Twitter handle suggestions, Harris runs OCDQ Blog, or “Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality”. His articles tend to be light-hearted, often drawing imaginative parallels between data quality and pop culture references to make a point that is both memorable and meaningful. Like his posts, he is a friendly personality and highly responsive to people who mention him or engage with him on his favorite topic.


6. Axel Troike (@AxelTroike)

If you missed a noteworthy MDM article, Troike will surely point it out for you at some point. His Tweets often serve the purpose of circulating great content, and it’s a fairly event split between articles and research produced by other MDM experts and ones put out by his company, Grandite. He’s consistent with crediting the sources, too, so he makes it easy to expand your follow list.


7. Ravi Shankar (@Ravi_Shankar_)

Although as part of the marketing team for Informatica, Shankar links a predictably large amount of content produced by the company, it’s usually interesting content and worth reading. If you’re looking for MDM and data governance stuff on Twitter, he’s got it in spades, and many of them are resources that can be easily absorbed by more business-focused folk than pure IT folks.


8. Gary Alleman (@Gary_Alleman)

A frequent Tweeter on the topics of data quality and governance and a MDM evangelist, Alleman shares a wide variety of interesting and practical links on top of running his own blog. He’s another great resource for MDM news and discussions and definitely worth following.

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