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Answering Key Questions about IBM’s MDM Version 11 Upgrade

What big changes does this upgrade bring? IBM brought together Initiate Master Data Service (MDS), InfoSphere MDM Server (MDM) and InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM into a single market offering as InfoSphere MDM v10.  The market offering contained four editions: standard, advanced, collaboration and enterprise. In InfoSphere MDM v11, IBM
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Preparing for an MDM Implementation

There are many tasks you can perform to make your MDM implementation go smoother.  Many people think being prepared is about the technical things but there are a lot of organizational challenges, data and system related challenges that must be addressed to have a successful MDM implementation. Some of the
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Deterministic Matching versus Probabilistic Matching

Deterministic Matching versus Probabilistic Matching Which is better, Deterministic Matching or Probabilistic Matching? I am not promising to give you an answer.  But through this article, I would like to share some of my hands-on experiences that may give some insights to help you make an informed decision in regards

A Sample MDM Dashboard

In order to manage your master data,  you must first measure it. There was an article by Deepa Radhakrishnan on Examining the Corporate MDM Dashboard: What, Why, How and When, which talked about the various stakeholders, their needs and the content required in a monthly dashboard.  This article attracted a lot of interest
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Examining The Corporate MDM Dashboard: What, Why, How and When

Master Data Management (MDM) is no longer a “fast follower” initiative but is now a generally accepted part of any information management program.  Many enterprises have well established MDM programs and many more are at the beginning stages of implementation.  In order to be successful with MDM you need continuous

Approaching Data as an Enterprise Asset

If you walk into a meeting with all your senior executives and pose the question: “Do you consider and treat your data as an Enterprise Asset?” The response you will get is: “Of course we do.” The problem in most organizations, however, is that while it is recognized that data

MDM Validations – Things to remember when implementing InfoSphere MDM Server

Validation is an important aspect of any application or system. Validations could arise as part of functional requirements (e.g., business rules) or non-functional requirements (e.g., maintain data integrity). Data validation is a process of ensuring that a program operates on clean, correct and useful data. In any MDM implementation, data validation
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Integrating Data with MDM

The objective of most MDM Hub projects is to establish a trusted source of master data. In addition to the right vendor, appropriate partner, and an efficient implementation plan, it is very important to come up with the right integration strategy. An organization’s existing eco-system will typically consist of different

MDM Upgrade…

Why upgrade? Clients ask me all the time, why? Why do we need to upgrade? We are happy with the way the software is working? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This is what I tell them… There are a variety of reasons why one might choose to upgrade.