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Top Reasons an MDM Implementation Fails

I often become involved in an organization’s MDM program when they’ve reached out to InfoTrellis for help with cleaning up after a failed project or initiating attempt number X at achieving what, to some, is a real struggle. There can be a lot of reasons for a Master Data Management

Using External Data in MDM Systems

Let me start by saying that this is not an article about big data.  While the source of big data is external to your organization, it is a topic of its own.  Many of the concepts and approaches discussed will definitely apply to your big data initiatives, but that won’t

Preparing for an MDM Implementation

There are many tasks you can perform to make your MDM implementation go smoother.  Many people think being prepared is about the technical things but there are a lot of organizational challenges, data and system related challenges that must be addressed to have a successful MDM implementation. Some of the
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Approaching Data as an Enterprise Asset

If you walk into a meeting with all your senior executives and pose the question: “Do you consider and treat your data as an Enterprise Asset?” The response you will get is: “Of course we do.” The problem in most organizations, however, is that while it is recognized that data