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Will Canadian retailers lose the battle for their customers?

It is common to read articles in the Canadian press lamenting the mass of Canadian consumers migrating south of the border to make their purchases either by using their cars or online. The typical narrative around that migration is one that narrows in on the question of Canadian prices vs.
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Big Data for the Business User

Big Data is a term these days one can hear or read about practically anywhere. Hundreds of companies offer big data solutions, hundreds are trying to convince the business users to “leverage big data”. You only have to enter “big data” in the Google search bar to get a mindboggling
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What You May Be Missing by Not Monitoring Your MDM Hub

Organizations spend millions of dollars to implement their MDM solution. They may have different approaches (batch vs. real time; integrated customer view vs. integrated supplier view etc.) – but in general they all expect to get a “one version of the truth” view by integrating different data sources and then