Big Data

Your data is a Big deal so trust it only to experts in Big Data.

Big Data

With rich experience in data management for more than a decade, InfoTrellis is pioneering big data management. Traditional data processing techniques are proving to be inadequate. We have the business acumen and technical expertise to provide the best-in-class solutions for handling big data.

Our Big Data Services Include:

Big Data Advisory

  • Leads you from Proof of Concept to Production implementation
  • Evaluates, models and incorporates the latest tools and technologies
  • Suggests a right fit of technologies based on requirements and budget

Architecture Consulting

  • The right architecture that suits your current needs and can be extended to fit your future needs
  • The right integration plan with your existing technology stack to minimize risk and align with cost and business strategy
  • Architecture consulting for your real-time data processing needs and batch processing

Big Data Infrastructure Setup and Administration

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • IBM Big Insights

Data Management Services

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • IBM Big Insights

Thought Leadership

InfoTrellis has utilized its experience in big data and master data management to understand the changing requirements and needs in the market. The market needs a combination of data management and analytics pre-built into one system and the market is demanding those systems be built for key data domains such as Customer. InfoTrellis recognized the need for this new category of software, Customer Intelligence Management, and built a CIM System, AllSight, to address those needs.

InfoTrellis AllSight is a pre-built Customer Intelligence Management System that is uniquely capable of creating deep customer intelligence and continuously evolving to learn from any new form of customer data. AllSight ingests any type of customer data, understands it and synthesizes it into a complete likeness of the customer. It then generates intelligence and insight on that customer to more deeply understand their preferences, personality, needs and future actions.


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