Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet has come a long way from a shaky dial up to the interconnected revolutionary world we are in. This new wave of interconnectedness is called the IoT (Internet of Things) or sometimes IoE (Internet of Everything)

What is IoT?

In its most simplistic term, IoT refers to the inter-networking of physical devices. These devices are capable of making network connections and exchange data with a cloud infrastructure or other similar devices in their existing network. Many of the

IBM MDM Integration with SFDC

Since its inception, SFDC has evolved as a powerful CRM tool and captured the market leader space. SFDC leverages all kinds of customer interactions to provide deeper insight about a customer and their prospects which is then used for significant initiatives such as strategic planning, marketing campaigns & enhanced customer experience. As the entire process revolves around data, data quality becomes a key parameter for the success of a CRM initiative.

Data Quality demands for consistency across data sources, accuracy

Governed Data Lake for Customer Critical Data Analytics


Retail chains that have brick and mortar stores as well as online platforms often struggle in identifying the customers visiting their site. Even with all the information available at their disposal, the probability of identifying the customers accessing their website is a mere 30%.

This blog discusses on the system used to tracking and identifying customers who interact with our client’s online portal and then shop in-store and vice-versa.


Identifying the change in customer preference based on the

Useful Design Practices for Application Development in IIB

One of the key challenges faced by a growing organization looking to leverage their existing systems is to implement a common interface that provides a means of communication for the systems. This gives rise to Enterprise Service Bus layer to connect large number of diverse applications or services, each using different messaging formats and communication protocols.

Almost every organization following SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) design, where services are decoupled and interact with each other irrespective of the service type, needs

Intelligent Master Data Management by Informatica

Master Data Management is used to ensure that the master data is maintained and created for the enterprise as system of records. It also makes sure that master data is validated as consistent, correct and complete.

drivers for master data management

Drivers for Master Data Management

The key adoption drivers for organizations to implement MDM are regulatory compliance, cost


IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition, IBM’s offering in Product Information Management space, enables companies to master golden copy of product information that can be consumed throughout the organization for strategic business initiatives. With every new version of MDM CE, the product has been loaded with new handy features that the businesses have been yearning for, performance enhancements that will save valuable time for business users and cost for businesses.

This blog post provides insight into the new features introduced in

InfoTrellis to be Acquired by Mastech Digital

Combined entity creates a unique Digital Transformation Services Company with deep Consulting and Project Delivery Capabilities in Data Management & Analytics

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 7, 2017: InfoTrellis, Inc., a Toronto-based  Data Management & Analytics company, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement under which Mastech Digital, Inc. (NYSE: MHH), a leading Digital Transformation Services provider, will acquire InfoTrellis’ services division. The demand for Digital Transformation consulting services is growing rapidly, as

Marrying DAM with PIM


As the world around us goes increasingly digital every passing day, organizations face challenges in maintaining their rich, creative digital assets. Rich media assets of any organization typically include photos, music, videos, animations, podcasts, presentations, documents and other multimedia content.

Why DAM?

Having a Digital Asset Management solution in place is paramount to effectively manage these digital belongings. A centralized digital library will facilitate controlled access to digital assets for

Product Information Management and Global Data Synchronization

The digital era has fostered information transfer between two systems but the communication flaws have led to information loss. For example; Product Information shared between manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers often communicate about new Products or changes to existing Products, Price information changes to retailers manually and in an ad hoc manner, leading to the data quality and integrity issues in key retail systems. These problems result in revenue loss and dissatisfied consumers.

Considering these challenges in mind, GDSN (Global Data

MDM for Regulatory Compliance in the Banking Industry

Banking Regulations

Banking Regulations – Overview

Managing regulatory issues and risk has never been so complex. Regulatory expectations continue to rise with increased emphasis on the institution’s ability to respond to the next potential crisis. Financial Institutions continue to face challenges implementing a comprehensive enterprise-wide governance program that meets all current and future regulatory expectations. There has been a phenomenal rise in expectations related to data quality, risk analytics and regulatory reporting.

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