Case Study

Customer 360 Dashboard - Multinational Hi-Tech Company


360 view of customer to enable marketing and sales team.

Provide rapid, accurate and reliable analytics on recent transactions.

Enable intelligent call routing & prioritization, personalization and cross-device marketing.


Assess billions of records and derive analytics on an ongoing basis.

Rapid synthesis of data from several structured and unstructured data sources.

Provide a Customer Journey view that brings in a "never seen before" perspective.

Mastech Infotrellis Role

Supported sifting of data, to analyze, synthesize, and generate intelligence .

Empowered sales team with interactive dashboards, embedded into 

Delivered holistic view of customers to associates of all levels within the organization.


Big Data Analytics Hub - Customer 360 Dashboard.


Business Value

Improved business agility by implementing MDM hub that manages more than 200 million customers.

  • - Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • - Improved cross-sell\up-sell opportunities
  • - Created foundation for Omni Channel Sales & Marketing, Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences
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