Case Study

One of the World’s Largest Auto Manufacturer


Provide a Customer 360 Portal, Consolidated Consumer-Vehicle data viewer, Dealer-Vehicle data viewer and Central repository for call center information, to enhance customer experience and cross/up sell opportunities.


Integrate the customer vehicle sales data and client’s consumer credit contract data into a single hub. 

De-duplicate and standardize the consumer data present across disparate systems.

Integrate with external systems such as NCOA.

Mastech Infotrellis Role

Design, Develop and Execute.

Migrate existing customers from legacy application to MDM hub and thereby to downstream systems.

Educate client associates on MDM and its practices.


IBM MDM Advanced Edition.

Trillium Name and Address Standardization.

Informatica PowerCenter.


Business Value

MDM hub manages over 200 million Customers

  • - Improved Business Agility
  • - Reliable Customer Data
  • - Enriched Customer Experience
  • - Better focus on cross/up selling
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