Our History

In 1999, the visionaries at a company called DWL created a data management platform for what they called CDI “(Customer Data Integration)”. When IBM acquired DWL, they rebranded CDI as “Master Data Management” – the first solution of its kind.

In 2007, three of the original architects from the DWL team that innovated what had become the world’s leading MDM solution reunited under a new vision and founded InfoTrellis. Within a year the small company, focused on helping MDM customers design and implement their MDM solutions, had doubled in size and gained the trust of several major organizations. With the successful deliveries of several large sector-leading MDM engagements under its belt, in 2010 InfoTrellis expanded to a global delivery model with an office in India. By end of 2010, the headcount of the company’s international offices crossed over 40 highly qualified consultants.


In 2011, InfoTrellis returned to its roots of product development and in addition to its many large consulting engagements released the first version of the product that would become MDM Veriscope, a first-of-kind operational monitoring tool for the MDM hub.

Following on the heels of this accomplishment, 2012 saw the debut of InfoTrellis AllSight, a product that allowed organizations to efficiently manage and analyze “Big Data”. The company grew to nearly 150 top industry experts by the end of 2012.

In 2013, InfoTrellis AllSight introduced new functionality to address a key market need – matching customers in social data to existing customer data for a deeper 360 view of those customers. Hospitality, retail and automotive clients utilized AllSight to better understand their customers’ preferences, complains and needs in order to tailor marketing & sales offers and personalize customer care.

In 2014, InfoTrellis AllSight version 2 launched and introduced the innovative ‘synthesis’ capability to the market. With the ability to synthesize complete customer likenesses from tiny fragments of data, AllSight delivered much deeper customer intelligence due to its ability to know everything about a customer.

In 2015, AllSight’s first clients began to derive significant value from deeper customer intelligence. By synthesizing tiny fragments of customer data into one likeness, they utilized a deeper customer understanding to power customer care decisions and marketing offers. InfoTrellis continued to enhance AllSights’ ability to synthesize data, and began to invest in improving it’s ability to reason – adding analytics to enrich data with deeper intelligence.

In 2016, version 4 of AllSight offers deeper reasoning capabilities and truly enhances the customer likeness with intelligence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading Services and Product Development Company within the information management space, continuously setting trends by leveraging our expertise and comprehensive client relationships in the MDM and Big Data world.

We are driven by our passion for excellence in the three key areas of master data management, data integration and Big Data.

We are motivated to succeed while ensuring we never stray from our commitment to a factual and honest advisory relationship with all of our clients, maintaining our humble, down-to-earth style of conduct. The pillars of our identity as a company will always be integrity, expertise and innovation leading to long term relationships with our clients and team members.

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