• Modernize data integration
    with Informatica Data Integration Hub

Data integration is a perfect amalgamation of diversified databases, technology, software and personnel into an efficiently functioning data hub, free of insistent concerns that mark less comprehensive systems of data management. Here are the benefits of integrating organizational data

  • Information sharing across systems

  • Informed data aiding strategic decisions

  • Data adherence to global standards

  • Reduced data silos and technical team dependency

  • Cleansed and consistent data across touch points

  • Improved operations due to data centralization


Informatica Data Integration Solutions?

Organizations need to establish a Data Integration framework of best policies and practices. Informatica's modern data integration infrastructure combines advanced hybrid data integration capabilities and centralized governance with flexible self-service business access for analytics.

Informatica offers enterprise-oriented data integration solutions to cater to every business need

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  • Data Integration Hub

    Modern publish/subscribe hub architecture for data integration

  • Power Center

    Industry's only fully integrated end-to-end enterprise data integration platform

  • B2B Data Exchange

    Securely and collaboratively integrates any data with external networks


of Informatica Data Integration Solution

  • Robust integrated codeless environment
  • Near universal connectivity
  • Reliable for mission-critical business processes
  • Seamless data source integration – Big Data, IoT, Cloud, legacy, etc.
  • Reduced technical complexity through self-service access
  • Improvised data governance and lineage

Use Cases

  • A North American specialty food leader saved $3 million by reducing acquisition data migration time upto 50% thereby creating a faster route to customer profitability across business unitsRead More...

  • The second largest sole distributor of natural gas in the US has improved data processing performance by 400% and achieved full ROI in less than a yearRead More...

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