Intelligent Master Data Management by Informatica

Master Data Management is used to ensure that the master data is maintained and created for the enterprise as system of records. It also makes sure that master data is validated as consistent, correct and complete.

drivers for master data management

Drivers for Master Data Management

The key adoption drivers for organizations to implement MDM are regulatory compliance, cost savings, productivity improvements, increased revenues and strategic goals.

mdm adoption drivers

                    MDM – Adoption Drivers

Mostly MDM is deployed as part of broader Data Governance program which involves combination of technology, process, policy and people.

Informatica’s approach to MDM

The Informatica MDM software uniquely identifies all master data and the relationships within it, stored in different multiple systems and different formats. It reconciles duplicate, conflicting and inconsistent data into a golden record for enterprise- Best version of truth.

Informatica MDM is remarkably flexible & scalable unlike other MDM applications where the data models are fixed and you are forced to start with single domain such as product or customer. You can start the MDM project with any domain and as the need grow/change over time, domains can be added to same data model and relationships between different data domains can be defined.

Informatica MDM’s data model, security, business rules and Data stewardship functions can be configured easily to support client’s environment. It can be quickly deployed and maintenance is easy for organization, thus can accelerate time to value.

Generally MDM starts with UI then moves to business logic and in the end data model. Informatica’s platform approach is the other way round and starts with data model, moves to business logic and in the end UI.

informatica mdm hub

Informatica MDM delivers value straight to the organization bottom line by providing accurate and complete view of business critical master data. It creates a data about products, customers, suppliers and help customers optimize critical business process, ensure regulatory compliance and make smarter decisions.

Mastech InfoTrellis competency in Informatica MDM

Mastech InfoTrellis an essential resource if you are looking for right MDM partner for an extremely successful MDM implementation and can help you in delivering a quicker return on investment.

Our Smart MDM™ methodology is a result of our many years of experience working with clients on complex MDM programs. This methodology offers a common sense, multi-phased approach based on parts of Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile development methodologies. It blends deliverables with accountability and requires customer-focused teams to collaborate to deliver a high-quality MDM solution. It provides tested methods to ensure success for MDM projects.

For more insights regarding Smart MDM™ methodology of Mastech InfoTrellis please visit our page,

Advantages of Smart MDM™:

  • Value is delivered early and often
  • Greater ability to respond to change
  • Collaboration encouraged between business and IT
  • Tried and tested approach on multiple projects
  • Client satisfaction managed more closely


About the Author:

Abhishek Kamboj, Project Manager in Mastech InfoTrellis has an overall experience of around 6 years and competent in successful delivery of highly complex MDM projects.

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    Is there any other articles you would recommend to understand this better?

    If I use the lookup transformation joining on key columns , Should i check the below one in the expression transformation

    ELSE ‘NEW’ Informatica MDM Training USA

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