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BY Manasa, Mastech Infotrellis · July 31, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Welcome to the InfoTrellis blog! This is another channel through which we interact with our clients, prospects, students, and/or anyone who is interested in the Information Management space. In this blog, we will share our experience around the various services and products that we offer, and about the latest trends in our industry. In the coming weeks, you will see posts on a variety of topics including Master Data Management, Enterprise Data Integration, Big data and many more.

For those who know little about us, InfoTrellis is a boutique consulting company operating in the Information Management space. Founded by a team of technical architects who built one of the pioneering products in the Master Data Management (MDM) space, we are into strategic and tactical consulting in Master Data, Data Integration, Big Data and related domains. Our product team is working on some very exciting products, whose details we will share periodically here. To know more about us, please visit

In this blog, you will see posts written by some of the most experienced people in the information management space, including our directors, principals, solution architects, senior consultants and other employees. We will answer many questions that our consultants come across during their engagements.

Looking forward to interesting comments, feedback, and healthy discussions through this blog!

InfoTrellis, Welcome

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