Master Data Management

When it comes to Master Data Management, you want to work with the most experienced consultants who have access to the best MDM resources.

Master data management

InfoTrellis has a rich legacy in Master Data Management (MDM) and is founded by the team that has been shaping the industry since 1999. When you work with InfoTrellis, you’re dealing with the industry’s most knowledgeable service provider and have access to the most experienced MDM resources available.

We provide strategic consulting and tactical expertise to help clients define and deploy Master Data Management (MDM) solutions in service of their business objectives. InfoTrellis has expertise in all editions of IBM MDM, including MDM Server Standard Edition (f.k.a Initiate Master Data Services), MDM Server Advanced Edition, MDM Server Collaboration Edition (f.k.a PIM) and has worked on Customer, Product, Location, Vendor and Account domains. We were part of the team that architected the first multi-domain MDM Server covering the Product and the Account domains and were one of the first companies to implement IBM’s Reference Data Management (RDM) solution.

Assessment Services

Our assessment services are designed around the following core functions:

  • Needs Analysis to determine if and how your organization would benefit from an MDM program
  • Objective Vendor Selection exercise to determine the best MDM product to meet your specific business goals
  • Health Check on your existing MDM program to identify bottlenecks and to propose solutions to put the program back on track
MDM Diagram

Program Roadmap

MDM programs are typically multi-year programs integrating dozens of upstream and downstream systems into the MDM ecosystem. Our experts work with you to answer many critical questions which include the following:

  • Should I follow a big bang approach or a phased approach?
  • How do I plan for such complex multi-year programs?
  • How do I measure success of each milestone and the entire program?
  • How do I ensure stakeholder attention and support throughout the program?
  • How to find continued sponsorship and funds for such high impact programs?

Solution Architecture

Architecture is where strategy becomes reality. Our experienced enterprise architects work closely with your business and IT teams in order to:

  • Leverage the best technology platform
  • Fully exploit the selected products
  • Pre-plan to accommodate future solutions
  • Ensure adherence to data integration and MDM best practices
  • Align with your long-term vision and short-term business and IT needs

Design and Development

Our delivery methodology is based on an iterative model. This approach gives our clients the necessary flexibility to adapt to a fast changing business environment while being focused on the end goal. We outclass the competition with:

  • A unique, proven development methodology
  • Visible results delivered to our clients faster and more often
  • Consultants of the highest quality staffed on client projects
  • Checks and balances built into the methodology to govern the project
  • A high level of attention given to our clients by the company’s executive leadership

Solution Upgrades

Given our strong partnerships with product vendors, we have deep insight into their product roadmaps, enabling us develop expertise in newer releases ahead of the competition. Talk to us to get a stronger understanding of:

  • The true benefits of doing a particular upgrade in the context of your organization
  • Upgrading in phases vs. larger, less frequent upgrades
  • How an upgrade will impact your existing solutions and applications
  • What risks are associated with a particular upgrade and how to mitigate them

Production Support

Once a solution is live, you need to monitor its performance and be prepared for any critical data issues. Our production support framework establishes a well-governed support team which can be functional from near-shore and off-shore locations 24/7 throughout the year, which has the ability to:

  • Prepare systems for go live with mock drills, system preparation, configuration checks, initial and delta loads
  • Monitor production systems for abnormal behaviors
  • Revive production systems in case of unexpected down-times
  • Provide data and code fixes
  • Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks

Thought Leadership

Following are some of the outcomes of InfoTrellis’ thought leadership in the MDM space. Many of these tools are free for use during our services engagements.

1. Delivery Methodology – Our Smart MDM™ methodology is a result of our many years of experience working with clients on complex MDM programs. This methodology offers a common sense, multi-phased approach based on parts of Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile development methodologies. It blends deliverables with accountability and requires customer-focused teams to collaborate to deliver a high-quality MDM solution. It provides tested methods to ensure success for MDM projects.

Advantages of Smart MDM™:

  • Value is delivered early and often
  • Greater ability to respond to change
  • Collaboration encouraged between business and IT
  • Tried and tested approach on multiple projects
  • Client satisfaction managed more closely

2. Solution Accelerators – Based on our years of experience implementing MDM programs, we built a number of solution accelerators to speed up our services delivery. These include:

  • Templates for various phases of a project
  • Automation tools for testing
  • Quick test data preparation
  • Audit tools to review our solution
  • Codebase for quality
    Some of the tools include:


  • ITLS Service Tester used for functional and regression testing
  • Test Data Generator
  • Validator
  • AutoUI which is used to automate DSUI testing


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