Deterministic Matching versus Probabilistic Matching

Deterministic Matching versus Probabilistic Matching Which is better, Deterministic Matching or Probabilistic Matching? I am not promising to give you an answer.  But through this article, I would like to share some of my hands-on experiences that may give some insights to help you make an informed decision in regards

MDM on the Cloud

In today’s world, there is greater awareness towards MDM than ever before. MDM technologies have also gained maturity over the years. Cloud infrastructures are becoming the mainstream with advancements in supporting technologies and reduction in bandwidth costs. These factors are contributing to a lot of buzz around MDM and particularly
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MDM Upgrade…

Why upgrade? Clients ask me all the time, why? Why do we need to upgrade? We are happy with the way the software is working? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This is what I tell them… There are a variety of reasons why one might choose to upgrade.