IICS and Data Solutions on the DX Platform

Overview The move to the cloud is fully in force, and therefore the variety of organizations’ integrated knowledge in hybrid environments has multiplied two-fold. Nearly three-quarters of respondents’ integrated knowledge in hybrid and cloud environments claimed poor knowledge quality in cloud services, restricted API access, company security and compliance policies

Tableau – Your Visual Interface to Data

In the current aggressive business condition, utilizing the data resources of an association is vital to building effective worldwide business endeavors of the future. Multiple organizations burn through a huge number of dollars on business knowledge/information warehousing (BI/DW) arrangements, yet these activities have yielded not as much as expected rate

MDM on the Cloud

In today’s world, there is greater awareness towards MDM than ever before. MDM technologies have also gained maturity over the years. Cloud infrastructures are becoming the mainstream with advancements in supporting technologies and reduction in bandwidth costs. These factors are contributing to a lot of buzz around MDM and particularly
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