Master Data Management Insights with Veriscope

Look at your data with laser focus

Meet Veriscope

Get the most out of your MDM implementation by ensuring your data is accurate. Veriscope provides a lens to allow you to inspect your Master Data to uncover quality issues, determine usage and review changes for successful Master Data Management and governance.

Veriscope is a Master Data Analytics offering supporting MDM and data governance programs by facilitating crucial analytics and reports. Optimized to offer maximum user control, Veriscope is actionable, configurable, flexible, extendible, and intuitive, built with an easily-navigable user interface and a fully-customizable set of dashboards. It can be installed and configured for your MDM environment in a matter of days – and we back that up with a Proof of Technology.


Reports and Dashboards

Multiple dashboards provide insight into the data hub, like business metrics and trends formaster data change, quality and composition; and operational metrics on error trending, SLA failing, poor-performing transactions and hub workloads.

Pre-configured and dynamic reports can be generated on-demand or automatically scheduled and include Data Change Trend Analysis, Data Quality Analysis and Data Load Results, to name a few.


Out of the box, Veriscope comes with more than 100 analytical scans pre-configured or users can configure new ones easily, even including ad hoc queries (SQL).


The Master Data model can be configured according to your MDM implementation, with the ability to configure parameters such as SLA response times. Veriscope supports multiple MDM domains within a single MDM hub or across multiple MDM hubs.

Why Veriscope

If you can’t measure it, how can you manage it? Most MDM and RDM products available include limited or no analytics or reporting capabilities. We make it easy by providing both within a data hub so you can better manage and govern the data for ultimate transparency.

Manage Your Data

Many organizations have been implementing data (or information) governance programs. A component of these programs includes the implementation of “data hubs” such as Master Data Management (MDM) hubs, Reference Data Management (RDM) hubs and other hubs of centralized data.

There are many vendor MDM and RDM products available in the market but they provide limited, if any, analytics and reporting capabilities. Organizations are then forced to implement analytics and reporting themselves or worse, do nothing. This is short-sighted because “if you can’t measure something, how can you manage it?” How can you govern your master data if you have no insights into your MDM hub such as how the data is changing and how quality is trending?

Improve Processes

Veriscope helps organizations improve processes on several levels, including:

Data Governance Programs will now have metrics and insights to make informed decisions on how to manage the data. This can include items such as resource planning, usage trends and SLA attainment.

Business Processes such as CRMS, New Business, Analytics/BI and others that rely on master data, reference data and other managed data can trust the reliability and quality of the data. Veriscope provides insights and transparency for the data it measures and on which it reports.

Teams Implementing a Data Hub have capabilities to accelerate implementation with insight into the data in the source systems that feed data into the hub. Once the data hub is in production, Veriscope provides reports used for reconciliation of data between the source system and data hub and measures the quality benefit to justify the investment of building the data hub.